We are thrilled to introduce you to a group of women who fight for the right side of wrong, in the epic new femme fatale series; SISTERS OF SIN by USA Today and bestselling romantic suspense authors Sofia Aves, T Wells Brown, D. A. Nelson, Michelle Ventura, S.C. Principale and LoLo Paige in one stunning series.

Beginning June 5th, 2022, a new Sister Assassin book will release. Make sure you join our Facebook group to stay in the know… we’d hate for you to be caught unaware. 

Deadly. Beautiful. Rich. Sinful.
Assassins are the stuff of children’s games, until you grow up and realize the fairytales are all true.
Monsters do exist.
They come in the form of bad men doing very bad things, who go unchecked for their crimes against the innocent.
Until now.
My name is Catalina Willow, aka Vanity.
Two items you should know about me; I’m an elite assassin, and I like nice things.
Luckily, killing bad people pays very well. Life was going perfectly. I kept my head down, took my assignments, and I never ever looked back.
That is, until I’m asked to remove an influential head of state. Apparently, my assignment’s security team didn’t appreciate how good I was at my job and decided to hunt me down.
Commander Juan Carlos Cortez, was the baddest of the bad, and he was hot on my stiletto studded trail.
But I didn’t become one of the best assassins in my sisterhood by being soppy… or weak. 
I decided it was time for a change and believed I’d outwitted him… until he arrived on the small tropical island where I happened to be executing my newest assignment.
I don’t believe in coincidences, so I took my wins, and hightailed it off the island.
Now, I’m on the run of my life … and enjoying every moment of it. 
Men. Sex. Sin.
We ruin the rules, and revel in it.
We are the Sisters of Sin.
Join me, as I dive into an elite assassin organization. One dedicated to bringing justice to the world, one kill at a time.

Berlin. Present Day.
It’s a fact of life that opposites attract. So, when SOS assassin Alex Greir, aka Greed, bumps into Nick Walker in a Berlin nightclub, sparks begin to fly. 
An MI6 agent, Nick’s been sent by the British Government to infiltrate the Sisters.
But, one look at the beautiful Alex and he’s smitten. 
He’s got a new mission now: to tame the feisty blonde and make her his own.
However, the gorgeous Alex has other ideas. She’s no pushover for a handsome face.
Then she finds out who he really is…
…And all hell breaks loose.
Gripping, sexy and electrifying, this is the story of Greed. She’s bent on stopping the plot to destroy the Sisters, whilst falling for the enemy.
Can she stop the attacker from striking again? And will she and Nick survive long enough to persuade the Sisters that he’s changed sides?

I always get what I want. And I get it without a fuss. 
My life consists of rigid structure. I work my job, I stay clean in every sense. 
Remove the pests who darken our society. 
Dress, assassinate, resonate.  
Celebrate with platinum and champagne. 
Rinse & repeat. 
As an assassin with a knife fetish and a penchant for wearing white, that’s not anywhere as easy as it sounds. 
Until a long-haired Aussie surfer walks into my happy little bubble and pops my sand-covered cherry with his personal brand of uncouth. 
Who just happens to be a spy. 
Who just happens to have a brilliant mind. 
Who just happens to be sexy as sin. 
And that’s my department. 
I can’t fall for a man who plays for the other team. 
PRIDE is a femme fatale novel set in the stunning Sisters of Sin world. 

I take the moral high road…most of the time.
Righting wrongs where no justice exists.
I do it efficiently on my own terms as I do in all things.
In life. In death. And in love.
My sniper dot targets the red-hot bookshop owner as The One. He’s The One, all right…the one that steals what no one else can…my heart.
He lies. He cheats. He steals.
And so do I. We’re the perfect match. Except trust isn’t part of the equation.
But when an assassin must make a life-or-death choice…
love doesn’t stand a chance.
Dive into an elite assassin organization dedicated to leveling the score…one kill at a time.
Men. Sex. Sin. We do things our way—by breaking the rules.
We are the Sisters of Sin. A new femme fatale thriller romance series you’ll die for.

Killing isn’t always a choice.
Even for an assassin.
Or is it?
Zoe McKnight found a way to fight for the right side of wrong until Devon Kincaid pushed his way into her life.
She wanted to kill him, but that wasn’t a sanctioned hit.
Not even close.
He was sent to protect her from a lethal Drug Cartel out for revenge?
What the actual F was up with that?
She was a trained assassin for an elite international organization. She didn’t need protection.
Except, perhaps from Kincaid.
Was Zoe’s lust for vengeance strong enough to take on the infuriating Kincaid?
Would she fall victim to her own lustful desires for a man she hated?
Men. Sex. Sin.
We ruin the rules, and revel in it.
We are the Sisters of Sin.

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