Take the deep dive into a sinful world of assassins, sex, and deadly justice. First, Sinful Seconds is our assassin’s origin stories… FREE to you. Second, is our resident baddie… we LOVE to hate our girl Dominika!


Come on now… we promise you won’t regret the plunge…

Our gift to you – enjoy six origin stories to the femme fatale SISTERS OF SIN series by USA Today and bestselling romantic suspense authors Sofia Aves, T  Wells Brown, D A Nelson, Lolo Paige, Michelle Ventura, and S C Principale in one stunning volume.
Dangerous, untamed, sinful.
Assassins live in the dark, keeping to the shadows, hidden …until they come for you.
We are the Sisters of Sin. Women once lost, now given purpose, and power, thanks to Mother: our rock, our guide, our everything.
Men. Sex. Sin.
We break the rules and we revel in it.
Here are our stories. How we became the strong, independent women we are today.

 It was foolish to dwell on the past, and I was certainly no fool…

Snatched from poverty and disgrace to work for the elite sparrow program with Russian Security Services, my life revolved around deception, infiltration, and honoring my country. That is, until I was assigned Jeff Lynsey.

My universe was turned upside-down. The ghosts of my past roared to the forefront of my existence, calling into question all I knew about who I was and from where I had come.

Now, I would be forced to choose between the life I had always known and a brand-new world of secrets, seduction, and sin.